I have a change and I think what is happening is the Mom possesses it

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I have a change and I think what is happening is the Mom possesses it

You are the best comment so editing in a judgement would be perfect or the final judgement is very likely to be INFO.After using read your edit, NTA. A videogame itself could be insignificant but she gave you her word on the norm for behavior and she violated it. Honesty is something which should be encouraged.NTA, she is nine, old enough to Animal Crossing Bells know you dont destroy something you are sharing. Weekly with no change is an era, and activity, appropriate punishment. It even sounds as if you had a discussion with her about respecting shared spaces.

NTA because there was an arrangement before. For everyone saying"it's just a game", I wonder if you allow your kids ruin other people's toys, after all, they are just playing them.NTA. There was a post on here a while back in an AH dad who fully ruined his sons Minecraft since the child wouldn't do something or other and I believe it's a similar principle here. Yes, it might be"only a game" but it's still a border that has been established and subsequently invisibly. It's about honor and it is not like a week off the Switch will hurt anybody.

If it's a fully shared console and sport then I think it is nice, albeit a bit OTT, to take it off.

If the console was given for her and she has the expectation that she's primary possession, and she's sharing it with you so you can play Animal Crossing, I would believe this punishment unreasonable.

I have a change and I think what is happening is the Mom possesses it, and everyone has an account on it. There is 1 island which they all share, and one day the daughter was playing about the change and destroyed the shared island, for the three of these. There are no means to have an island for every separate player sadly

I also have a Switch, and Animal Crossing! I get that there is only 1 island each console. But I'm referring to the quote in the OP:"I took her Switch." This implies that the singular console in this story is owned by the daughter rather than the OP.This is important information. If its her switch and match then this was too much.I'm confused with this well because OP wrote'her turn.' So is it your daughter's switch along with your game?The OP is probably the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells Resident Representative aka they have the most control within the island.