New World provides players with tons of new content and a new weapon, the Blunderbuss

New World provides players with tons of new content and a new weapon, the Blunderbuss


Heart of Madness is a new update coming to New World that will give players even more content along with the Blunderbuss weapon. The first stop for the New World update is the game's public beta area, a limited availability server created to let players experience the intended functionality.

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While Amazon Games has taken steps to ensure New World's standards through the implementation of the PTR, players have been waiting for new updates and improvements to New World. Amazon Games recently announced a new update on the official website, players will experience a large number of new content in late March this year, including a long-range weapon Blunderbuss. This weapon provides high mobility and powerful mid to close range damage.

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The update will also include two weapon mastery trees offering new play styles, as well as a new Legendary Weapon quest series. The update is the end of Isabella's story and will add Stormheart as an endgame expedition. This quest is not for the faint of heart as it is recommended for five level 60 players. In addition to this quest, players will see new encounters in the wild, numerous bug fixes, and intuitive balance changes with weapons.

Judging by the site's exploration of the Heart of Madness update, players can expect a ton of new content that should overcome those unhappy with the New World Coins game's current state. Perhaps the introduction of Blunderbuss is the most anticipated addition in the Heart of Madness update, although the promise of a new playstyle through the containment and Chaos weapon mastery trees should also appeal to players.

New World's Heart of Madness update and new ranged weapons are exciting not only for existing players but for new players, and the addition of the PTR demonstrates Amazon Gaming's commitment to listening to players and making impactful changes . If the player lacks New World Coins in the game, then the player can buy New World Coins from NewWorldCoins, which is not only cheap, but also safe and fast.

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