New World: How players can prepare for server transfers

New World: How players can prepare for server transfers


If a New World player is able to obtain a server transfer token, the player will have the opportunity to transfer the server. In order to move from the current server to the new one, players need to earn rare tokens. As always, players can only use transfer tokens to move between servers in the same region.

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Players can only get one for their own account, not each character, as tokens are also account-based. Transfer tokens do not expire, though, and players can hold them however they want. With the issuance of these tokens, some worlds are now marked "full".

Players cannot transfer to these closed servers, but can take their characters out. Before changing servers, players need to prepare a few things. This includes making sure the player is within the scope of the settlement and has left the New World Coins player's company. Players who leave will also need to remove any active trading posts or sell orders before using the tokens.

When ready, players can go to the New World store and select "World Transfer". Players can redeem free tokens by purchasing a move. Select the server the player wants from the available list, and once confirmed, the player will be shipped.

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It's worth noting that players need to use their tokens wisely, as it is unclear when players will receive more tokens. However, if the player is missing New World Coins in the game, then the player can buy them from NewWorldCoins. From there, players can get more New World Coins for less money.