How players can better build with Blunderbuss in New World

How players can better build with Blunderbuss in New World


The Blunderbuss is a brand-new weapon from the New World March update, it can put out a lot of damage, has a good balance between CC and mobility, and is mainly proportional to strength. So it can be paired with more powerful builds like Great Axe or Hatchet.

The Blunderbuss is a brand new ranged weapon in New World. It has a range of abilities designed to provide ranged damage, debuffs, CC and mobility. It contains two trees, Containment and Chaos, Containment can be thought of as close range trees, abilities like Net Shot and Claw are designed to close the gap between player and enemies, or to provide CC and close range damage.

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Chaos is about using skills like split grenades and mortar charges to inflict long-range bombing damage. For the new expedition, players use Sword and Shield to run it and play as a tank. The Carnelian gem on the Claw Shot skill is great for drawing aggro at a distance, while the Net Shot's general CC and some fortifications on the containment tree are fun to use passively.

Players can use Sword and Shield for tank builds for a more consistent taunt/defense. In other words, players need to choose chaotic passives such as Buck Shot and Artillery. Players can use the Azoth Shrapnel for close range damage, bounce grenades for ranged damage and area control, and use the Blast Shot to knock down enemies and provide CC in PvP.

Players can also duel using the DPS Blunderbuss setup, which primarily pairs weapons with the Hatchet. This build feels like a lot of fun to use. Alternatives include replacing the bouncing grenade with the Claw Shot for better CC and closing the gap. Double Down is an explosive mastery passive, but the New World Coins damage from unloading can't be ignored.

Since this build focuses on bouncing grenades and blasting shots, it really makes sense to get into Double Down. Players can try both methods to see which one suits them better. If players want to get more New World Coins to boost their power, then players can buy a lot of cheap New World Gold from NewWorldCoins. Click here for Cheapest and Safest New World Coins