New World devs detail Heart of Madness update

New World devs detail Heart of Madness update


As we all know, New World is one of the newest originals from Amazon Gaming. In order to provide players with new content for players to mine, developers have always supported colonial-style MMOs. New World's upcoming Heart of Madness update will provide players with a new batch of content. Welcome to NewWorldCoins for more information.

For an update on new content for the MMO, the New World developers shared a blog post detailing a slew of new content in the game, including a new weapon type, Blunderbuss. They say it's a medium-range weapon that can Buy New World Coins scale based on strength and intelligence.

Also, Blunderbuss has two skill trees, one that emphasizes close-quarter combat with spread shots and maneuvering traps, and the other is designed to maintain distance with mid-range attacks. From this blog post, players can also learn about the new Tempest's Heart Expedition, which will be the final arc of Isabella's storyline.

Additionally, players will see another new expedition over the summer with pirate-themed barnacles and black powder. The game will also feature LFG tools for expeditions and an as-yet unannounced summer event. The world map will expand with the Brimstone area, and players will have access to another new weapon with its own movement and ability tree: the Greatsword.

The biggest additions will come in the fall, the first anniversary of New World. The Fall Update will also add another new expedition, as well as leaderboards and two events: Nightvale Hallow and Turkulon 2022. These seem to be welcome additions to New World. If players want to get 100% Safe New World Coins, then is the best choice.

While the developers have yet to address potential issues identified in the state of the game, such as server declines and instability in the in-game economy. However, it continues to provide players with new content that allows players to experience more fun. Players can buy cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to their advantage.