New World: Dev team removes a large number of items deceived by glitches

New World: Dev team removes a large number of items deceived by glitches


New World offers players an exciting open world full of danger and opportunity where players can explore, build, craft and fight. But New World has had a lot of problems since the game's release. To fix the bug, the development team had to act on an item duplication bug that was then exploited, and wealth transfers were interrupted again for about two days. is The Most Popular New World Coins Seller from where any player can get cheap coins.

The transition was quick, but the team has been working hard to help reduce damage to the economy and deliver on the promise of consequences for exploiters. There are some temporary suspensions as well as some permanent bans for those who are believed to be involved in the exploit in some way. Now, Amazon has updated the progress on this last area.

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If the player is directly exploiting the vulnerability, then they will be punished more severely. However, if the player is accidentally defrauding the item or potentially receiving it, then they will need to continue to wait for the temporary ban. With a flood of fraudulent items flooding into the economy, it’s natural to worry about the possible impact, so Amazon works hard to eliminate as many fraudulent items as possible.

The team was able to remove most of the duplicate items from the Cheap New World Coins game and announced that over 500 players had been permanently banned for being the most active exploiters. Those who remained temporarily banned are now seeing their accounts regain normal access. Although the team removed some high value items including eggs, trophy materials, powerful incense, etc. However, the remaining items will not have a long-term impact on the economy.

The development team has been working hard to reduce the impact of bugs when they happen, as various item and gold cheat bugs in New World since launch have resulted in the loss of a lot of players. In New World, players can use New World Coins to enhance their power, as New World Gold can help players buy weapons or equipment. NewWorldCoins is the first choice for all players to get cheap New World Coins.