What should I do?

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I'm considering trying again. Though I prefer melee I'm better at it. I've splitbark armor. Please inform me what to do to conquer Treus. I am much better using melee, but if I want to OSRS gold do half and half I'll do it. How should I take action. Thanks.

I am kinda getting bored. What should I do? Here are my most important stats: Strike: 30, Defense: 35, Strength: 34, Agility: 13, Smithing: 37, Range: 25, Herblore: 18, Fishing: 42, Thieving: 21, Cooking: 45, Prayer: 30, Crafting: 48, Firemaking: 39, Woodcutting: 49, Mage: 49, Fletching: 17, Runecrafting: 30, Farming: 5. Also which is ideal to make money?

Where do I get Summoning charms? There are dozens and dozens of creatures around RuneScape who have charms, so it ought to be a simple matter of running to a fantastic combat region and killing some monsters to have charms to your Summoning abilities.

How do I get a carved turnip for a wicked turnip pouch? To start with, you are going to want an evil turnip (the wicked vegetable which doesn't follow you about), which you can get by trading or dialing with other gamers. Next, you will have to use a knife on it to cheap RuneScape gold turn it into this most dreadful of all vegetables: the carved turnip.