Definition of a Scam.

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One of the biggest complaints I see around as an affiliate marketer, that some affiliates reviewing other money making programs and labelling them as outright scams.

Is a scam, but what if it's not? What is the true definition of a "scam"?

The problem with saying something is a scam is its libelous if it's not actually true. If you are unsure whether the program you are reviewing really fits the definition of a scam, then don't say it is one. Simply say you don't recommend the program for the various reasons stated in your review. Never make it sound like you are simply bashing someone else's platform just so you can promote Letsgosocially.

A Scam Defined

A fraudulent scheme; especially for making a quick profit. To cheat or swindle. Obtaining money through dishonest means. Misrepresentation of self or of a product.

Now, just because you review Product A and it costs a lot more, that doesn't classify it as a scam. Expensive maybe, but not a scam.

Maybe this social platform is  new, but that still doesn't make it a scam.

Upsells are annoying and costly, and perhaps the tactics to get you to join in the first place were a little scammy, but upsells don't mean the product is a scam either.

Really, something is only really a scam if it fails to deliver what was promised. It would be akin to paying a deposit online for a second hand car you want to buy. Only when you go to get the car and pay the rest, the car and owner are nowhere to be found.

That's a scam. It's a blatant rip off of your money.

There are more make money online things out there that are blatant scams. If that's the case, by all means expose them and label them scams, but just don't label everything you come across as a scam.

Imagine if you put a lot of time, effort and money into creating some sort of training platform that is legit, then someone comes along, writes a bogus review on it and calls you a scammer. Finishing with "Hey, buy my product instead".


If there is no doubt something is a scam, then call it one. If you're not sure, just say you don't recommend it. If the program looks pretty good, then give it its dues and say it's good. You can still suggest they check out Letsgosocially as well. Or, if the good program has an affiliate program, join it and make some extra commissions outside Steemit.

The bottom line is just be fair.