I really don't think I promoted this website or Zybez in any way.

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First of all I RuneScape 2107 gold am Free-To-Play. Secondly I have the following options to train my strength on: Lesser Demons, Giant Spiders, Ankous, Cockroaches Soldiers, Moss Giants, Ice Warriors and Giants, Black Wizards. I need help on which one to train effectively. I want drops. I need decent exp. Which of the options mentioned will satisfy your own requirements? Giant Spiders is a choice if the exp each hour is far over the other choices.

I'm not sure if talking bans or mutes are permitted here, but that is my first time getting muted and it occurred on Salmoneus's clanchat. Rule 11 seems to be for advertising sites. Offence Type: Implementing Rule 11 Site commited on: RuneScape Offence Date: 23-Aug-2008.

Evidence for this particular offence: letsfoldsoup: [clan]how about the runescape wiki? Letsfoldsoup: [clan]but not many ppl can beat his mining. Letsfoldsoup: [clan]a nice nooby 51 here. letsfoldsoup: [clan]huh lol. Letsfoldsoup: [clan]who has an account on sal forums? Letsfoldsoup: [clan]only got about 30. Letsfoldsoup: [clan]anyone recognise my name? lol

I really don't think I promoted this website or Zybez in any way. I was only discussing them. I read the rules and it stated it is against the rules to advertise a website but there is nothing about talking about one. I'm muted for 24 hours by a moderator (PMod or JMod?) , so it is not a major deal. However I am concerned because there does not appear to be a place to appeal. I can't see just how many blackmarks I've either, and also the standing of the offence seems to function as"Deferred". This likely destroys all hope of me ever being a participant mod, but it's my very first offence so I'm not completely sure what to do.

Ok right now I have a bit over 11 mil. Present best things: D Long, DD(P++), Whip, D Legs (switching to d skirt, I do not care I'm short on money ). Zammy Pages 1-4 (To lazy to do the quest right now, price is soaring, so might as well buy). Granite Body, Black Mask, D Boots, D B-axe (for spec, also have roughly 1k 4 will OSRS Gold For Sale animate pots) Multiple glorys... So I suppose I am a normal level 82 meele based player (Except for its black mask).