What Does Your Letsgosocially Profile Say About You?

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Our Letsgosocially(LGS) profile, like your website, is your own piece of prime online real estate.

Does it look like a penthouse or the slums❓

Your profile needs to be congruent with your business and your personal brand.

Every piece of content you put out should have a reason to be on your profile and it should be of the highest quality you can produce.

Every post should be either:

✅ building the know, like and trust factor

✅ adding value to your audience; or

✅ generating leads.

When someone looks at your profile for the very first time what sort of impression are you giving by the content you produce❓

Are you professional❓

Do you look like someone that knows what they stand for❓

Do you look like someone who can help them❓

Go back through your last 20 posts and take a good hard look at how you are portraying yourself to your potential clients/customers.

If there are posts there that aren’t congruent with your biz or your brand, remove them.

Are you happy with how your profile portrays you or do you need to do some work to improve it❓

If you are not sure what types of content you should be posting or you are not getting the engagement you want drop me a PM, I will be only too happy to check out your profile and offer some tips to get your LGS profile working for you, not against you.