They've also seemingly removed a feature where animals

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They've also seemingly removed a feature where animals

They've also seemingly removed a feature where animals would see your house at a particular moment. It was a wonderful method for players who don't have the ability to go online to have people look at their property. There was a consequence not turning up on Animal Crossing New Horizons Items time: it would produce the animal upset and your friendship could have a slight hit.

I really enjoy the crafting system, but I know that some people truly don't like it. I think the biggest complaint I've seen is that golden tools have dropped their prestige as they are no more unbreakable like from the last games. That is pretty much exactly what made them unique, so it seems a bit pointless to craft themgiven that golden nuggets are a milder resource.

I think a good deal of dislike together with the crafting system is not the crafting itself more like the lack of QOL stuff within it.

Or got tired of the towns. AC is usually meant to be of a bit by bit thing but the pandemic caused it to become a binge experience.Another matter is that a lot of the updates this year have been concentrated on attaining feature parity with the previous game, New Leaf.

Even out of quarantine it doesn't take too long to get most things to the point where you aren't getting anything new from Timmy Tommy most days.

On New Leaf it took you more time to get so many things out of Timmy Tommy - and then they had the next floor with super expensive items which could take you days to get the cash.

On the other hand, the matter with clothing could be the reverse: too many options every day. I honestly think it'd induce people to play more if they didn't sell all colour options everyday.

Occasionally there's a NPC visiting for cheap Animal Crossing Items me to socialize, and very seldom Timmy Tommy have new furniture items for me.