I'm doing fremmrick trails right now

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Hi, I have to know whether it is possible to OSRS gold perform the next... My hp lvl is 47. I had been wondering if I could recoil it to departure or would it just own me? I should also find a means to do the next quests, my choice is alongside it. Lost City: Recoil, YOU CANT BRING A CANNON IN THERE RIGHT? Tree Gnome Village: Cannon if we can or... well thats all I could think of as if I recoil I will get OWNED The grand tree: Cannon as thats the only thing I can think about I will get possessed... I'm not to sure that's why I am asking this question, I realy realy have to perform them together with as little hp as possible. I MIGHT mage the tree soul for lost town but I am not certain how far hp xp I will get...

I'm doing fremmrick trails right now and am stuck on peer the seer, I can't address this riddle he gives meMy First is in fish, but not in the sea. My Second in birds, but not at a tree. My third is in doorways, but not at a hall. My last is in everything, but not nothing whatsoever I have read sals quest manual, but it does not make much sense, here it is:

Peer the Seer is just southwest of the current market, and he wants you to resolve the puzzle in his house for his vote. First, attempt to open the door and cheap RuneScape gold examine the riddle. Since each person gets a different riddle, you need to figure it out on your own, however they're comparatively straightforward. Each line give you 2 distinct words, each having a letter inside them, which you will have to spell out a word, depending on just what the riddle says. Now go through the door and up the ladder. Note: Possible responses to this riddle include"flame","life","mage","thoughts","time","tree", and"end". Thanks, simply add me in game, or reply to this post, I'm online now.