Mining, selling into the Grand Exchange.

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I'm F2P (non-members). (76 att, 80 str, 76 def, 72 woodcutting, 75 fishing, 73 mining) To get level 70 Prayer, need 483,559 XP (107,458 regular bones * 156 gp = 16,978,364 gp) (32,238 significant bones * 621 gp = 20,019,798 gp) What would be the fastest F2P way to get there? Proceed into Hill Giants and maintain fighting with Hill Giants. Between fighting Hill Giants, trade with different Runescapers saying"Buying 1 limpwurt root for RuneScape gold 5 big bones". (Was pleasantly surprised by the number of people buying 1 limpwurt origin for 5 big bones, since Hill Giants shed a fair quantity of limpwurt root.)

Go to one of those areas from the Wilderness (either Chaos Temple, or the small"boneyard" immediately southeast of Clan Wars... where bones constantly keep respawning and no one picks them up). I just put down this method because at Hill Giants, you need to wait for a Hill Giant to re-spawn (not have somebody else fight it), and defeat the Hill Giant... whereas this method, it'll be nonstop levelling up in Prayer. Uncrowded. 100% bones fall speed. Will be obtaining bones nearly as fast as procedure 2.

Moss Giants. Ice Giants...I am not especially fond of this Moss Giants / Ice Giants method, however. The rest of the methods involve purchasing bones from the Grand Exchange... Can it be safer to purchase normal bones or large bones? Purchasing bones, will have to spend time earning gp (3,041,434 gp) than buying big bones. However, will have to bury 75,220 more bones. Create soft clay, promote to Grand Exchange.

Mining, selling into the Grand Exchange. (If this process, then mine ? (rune character, adamant, mithril, iron, coal, silver) and which location?) Fishing swordfish and tuna, selling the raw food to the Grand Exchange. Fishing lobster, selling the raw food to the Grand Exchange. Spend money on levelling up prayer. Cutting yews, selling to the Grand Exchange.

Currently level 75 mage and I want additional rune javelins. I like alching them since usually they're not hard to get but latly I need more and I cant get em. Anyone got a bulk amount or know where to acquire some?Or whatever loses less money im open to suggestions. Below are some items I have personally utilized in the past: Battlestaffs: All kinds have a relatively low loss but you can just buy 100 of cheap OSRS gold them at a given time period. Dragonhide Armor: I've experienced reduced losses with Green D'hide bodied but I'm convinced this has changed. Check the losses for a lot of items.