Business In A Box … Too Good To Be True?

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Unfortunately the term Business In A Box has been done to death by spammy marketers trying to hook people in by convincing them they can buy a complete system, do no work and watch the money roll in.

Once again sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is no system or program that you can just pay $100 or $1000 and within minutes of paying your money your Paypal account lights up with unsolicited sales and your bank account grows before your eyes. ??

? If it sounds too good to be true it ALWAYS is❗️

Having said that there are genuine systems where much of the hard work has been done for you and these can be great additions to your MMO site as well as promoting There are complimentary systems or even just used as alternatives for reviews for your site.

With people being laid off and the uncertainty in the world at the moment there are unfortunately a lot more unscrupulous “marketers” and I use the term loosely as always, peddling this bull.

? It's still a great time to be promoting online biz ops.

I think as long as you are clear about the following points Business In A Box biz ops can be marketed ethically.

✅ Yes online business can be lucrative

✅ Yes you should have an alternate source of income

✅ Yes anyone can start and excel in online marketing

✅ Yes you can get started cheaply

❌ No you will not make money within 30 minutes of setting up your business

❌ No you will not get-rich-quick with no effort on your part

❌ No you can’t start a viable long term business to replace your wage with no money

After all Letsgosocially could be marketed as a Biz In A Box, everything you need is here in the one place, but you still need to do the work. You need to invest in various tools to run your business, you need training and if you want to shortcut the learning curve get yourself a mentor or coach (yes they charge for their services). All here at

Stay safe my friends both online and off.

What do you think of the term Business In A Box❓

Does it immediately conjure up images of get-rich-quick scams❓

Love to hear your thoughts as always.