Most recently we had the void stares back

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Assuming that RuneScape gold the Hexhunter Bow is infrequent, therefore that I will prolly have 3 Fragrant slots before I even get it, making it my 3rd Binding item or w/e... I am unsure how Binding works really. I will not be getting Gravite things .

If I have the extra points, I'll grab the Spirit Cape for it has bonuses (Which I need to compare to other capes, to see whether it is even worth it anyways.) Thanks those who help (And others who will see this and put in their own input aswell.) Anything significant about Dungeoneering, I am prepared to hear. At 95 prayer, turmoil (read uber-piety) is unlocked along with a damage recovery prayer, soul split (but that happens slightly earlier) at elevated herblore several exrtreme stat boost potions are unlocked (such as a combination potion, overload, at 96), also at 85+ dungeoneering, you get twisted weapons. They're klike barrows weapons, but they're the very very best in sport.

Uhh, a lot of quests are released. Most recently we had the void stares back, and this provides us a sword with an incredibly powerful special attack (it hits 400-600s at PVP, no issue ) and don't Evil, which provides us a new mix amulet for all the speaking amulets there are. At the beginning of the year we'd Nomad's Requiem, a pursuit with an incredibly hard boss fight whcih provides you a +12 prayer cape.

Nature runecrafting has crashed, in an upgrade that made the number of runes produced proportional to the players RC level rather than dual nats being unlocked at 91. Something called"acnient effigies" has also been published, which suggests when you've got an unusual assistable ability over 91, then it is possible to cheap OSRS gold maintain 30k xp in that skill daily, at no cost. (the help xp limit is 30k). There is also a dragon guardian.