Exactly what does this imply?

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Exactly what does that mean? The'reliable' that will scam you do not because it would mean that they would get deranked, which meant losing out to OSRS gold the capability to make a profit from other dicers. They cover a large fee to become ranked so they're not likely to scam anyone unless it's a lot more than they paid to have rated. Do you understand any 55 x two clan which I could dice in F2P? Or 60 x 2? Any trusted ones that you know? 60 x 2 is better but 55 x 2 is fine also. Just visit world one to find a clan.

Duel dicing or 55 x two. Which has better odds? I would like to combine a dicing clan. How much can I get into a for? Can you guys know any that I could get into? I love dicing and need to join and host. Someone told me that those random people cover you, then once you get the amount of people they let you in. They can only get tricked and you can't be scammed. In addition they said... those trustworthy people can scam you but they don't. What exactly does that mean? :-LRB- Pianist delivered me it so if he is here... pl0x help me out.

Exactly what does this imply? Do you understand any 55 x 2 clan which I can dice in F2P? Or 60 x two? Any trusted ones that you know? 60 x 2 is better but 55 x two is fine also. I should have gotten 550k now but I did not get it. I have scammed. I was on my other account who'd 230k. I might have been at 720k however I am at 170k now. :D Blame the scammers. The guy diced like 10 days afterward when I a huge one he left.

If you are host, 55x2 is greater chances because dice dueling is 50/50, although you can make bank from big pots between two people. Ok. H rolls . If it's 60+ (60x2) then H keeps money. If it's 60- afterward, H trades Player A 200K, (therefore the'x2' in'60x2'). H are trusted because they have to cover their rank (10B+), and so defrauding people for cheap RuneScape gold like 500k there is no purpose. Nope, doubt people even dice much in F2P. That's why you go to trusted MEMBER clans, though, unfortunately it is 1M+ min to wager there.