The Neighborhood is currently called 2K Beach

The Neighborhood is currently called 2K Beach


I think most can attest, the gameplay appears to NBA 2K21 MT be markedly improved based on what we experienced at the demo. With questions relating to this part of the release somewhat answered, the next questions are related to the features. I've been as plugged into the pre-release advice as possible, and I have assembled a brief set of expectations each user needs to have for each one the 2K manners.

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This season, your character's name is Junior, and he's the son of a former NBA player. You begin in high school and may play for one of 10 licensed schools prior to reaching the NBA. I would expect to see a departure or at least a separation of this narrative from the routine MyPlayer grind, but it seems we are sticking with the exact same formula.

The Neighborhood is currently called 2K Beach, so cosmetically, it is going to look a whole lot different. Beyond that, I would not expect any major differences apart from maybe a few new patrons for the very same sorts of events which were in NBA 2K20. This is not horrible considering NBA 2K20's Neighborhood was probably the best-functioning iteration of this concept yet. This is becoming the lifeblood of this mode, much to my chagrin, however you cannot the general influence and genius behind the idea. I sometimes marvel at the hoops world 2K has created and their imprint on the culture throughout the area.

I'd have loved to find some sort of Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins championship or league-setup performance, but that was not discussed before launch. As it is, the Jordan Rec and Pro-Am scene will probably be largely unchanged, and it is where the potential NBA2K Leaguers will largely hone their skills. Those who also enjoy the internet team-up competitive scene will still reside here. If you looked at every one the modes across the board and tried to judge which one will see the most noticeable improvements, I would expect it to be MyTeam.