I've already sold all of the things except the gall

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That is not RS3 gold so nice. Neither is approving a guy! Never mind. The question is, why did you do it? I saw the professor chop down this tree. He took some logs went north mumbling about some kind of shrinkbox. I followed himand looked for the logs - I found nothing, but required some other things. And where is the other stuff? Why can I tell you? Since I could get it off you. Because in the event that you don't, I will kill you. Since I could get it off you!

Man: Too late! I've already sold all of the things except the gall bladder to my partner on entrana! And you'll never get it, because I will kill you today! Because in the event that you do not, I'll kill you. Bah! Two things -- number one, I've sold three of those things to my associate on Entrana. Number two -- that the gall bladder will never be yoursas you will never be able to kill me!

Head to Entrana. Talk to a monk from the chapel. Are you aware of a guy arriving here and selling any items to someone. He is my...brother. One arm? Ah, yes. Try the fishing platform -- it's where they traded. Thank-you. Many blessings. Head to the fishing platform on Entrana. Speak to"Almondo". I hear you're in possession of some specific items that I need. You believe I hoard the products! I have already sold the bar, and also the Chocolate Tuesday, after taking a sip for myself. Very wonderful. By today, they will already be on their way to their destinations. Well, obviously the Chocolate Tuesday is moving into the Grand Tree -- it is a brand new flavour Gnome Cocktail! And the Armanite bar has gone into a distant place in the north-west desert, north of Al-Kharid. And would you tell me this? Because you clearly require all of the items! And you're never getting the Wolf Claw. Why not? And you can't fight me on Entrana, with all these monks about! I suppose... Almondo. Good. Bye. Pickpocket Almondo. If you are captured, he will not hurt you, except you cannot pickpocket him for 30 seconds (you need 35 thieving to OSRS Gold For Sale pickpocket him). You receive the Wolf Claw. Head to Al-Kharid or Grand tree.