Endure It! Success Is Hard Work!

"Endure it!" I tell myself. "Success is hard work!" "Do you want a hole in your smile?"

I'm sitting in a dentist chair waiting for the fourth attempt at this root canal. The Novocaine shot to the roof of my mouth WAS NOT FUN!!!! I need this tooth because the ones behind it are gone, and this missing tooth would show in my smile. The dentist will be back in a minute. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Ugh! Another unsuccessful attempt. The root is calcified and more medication needs to be put in....three more weeks than the same procedure again! This is the fifth visit to keep this tooth and a pearly smile!

You have to endure some things to get what you want in this life. If you want any good thing, it seems you have experience pain of some kind to get it. I'm thinking of Olympic champions, great relationships and successful businesses as just a few examples.

I know I will be having some serious time to spend very shortly, and feel I've done a pretty good job with the little time I have had. I have met some wonderful people and have endured the pains of learning things outside my comfort zone. Yes, I endure it. I know success is hard work. I am comfortable with this, as I know I am doing it to widen my pearly smile... Here's to our success!