If one wanted to change their curtain and carpet colors

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In Falador, one OSRS gold can change their family crest. The crests are available in many different shapes, with many distinct colours. One would believe that if the family crest was altered, then the colors of decorations such as rugs and drapes would also. Well, they do not. The single colour all decorations come in is colors of red and white. When this looks very nice if one's family crest when white or red, any other color seems horrible in this setting.

Therefore, rugs and drapes should change color to match the family crest colours. For example, arrav's colors are white and blue. To follow suit, all drapes and rugs would be either blue or white. If over two colours are used, then perhaps the color least used can be the color of the cut onto the opulent version of curtains and rugs.

If one wanted to change their curtain and carpet colors after altering his / her family crest, then he or she could simply return to varrock to the secretary. Just speak to him, and ask to have all of your curtains and rugs altered to the colors of your family crest. The man would answer'Surely', and ask for a fee to supply the service. The fee would be 5000 gold each area. One could not have different colors per area; this would merely make it easier for the coding of the upgrade and for shorter loading times when making the house.

However, as changing one's colors and altering the family crest are two distinct actions, it might be possible to have a combination of colours of a single crest and possess the actual crest differ. Lastly, rooms which cheap RS gold are built after the crest and / or colours are changed will probably fit the current colours of the home, maybe not the crest of the home.