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First off like I said before, the races need strength and OSRS gold agility. You can enter a race in any level, however the higher your agility and durability, the more of a chance you have of winning. To get to the races, then you must board a boat from Port Sarim (such as in Pest Control) and sail to Race Island. Upon reaching race island, you will discover buildings and such. The buildings and these are:

A Bank- Every place must have a bank! Useful for keeping your things so you're milder and your run energy lasts longer. A overall store- Useful for selling your items if you want, or to buy an"energy potion" (later clarified ) Race sign up- there is where you register for races! Almost just like a bank, except the booths are where you sign up.

Medical Building- This is where you wake up if you faint during a rush, (explained later) or to have treated. Croud Pier- Should you wish, you may come here to watch a race with other people (it is up to jagex in case your personality acually sits down while you watch) Also from the racing square, then you'll discover a man named Ricky Racer, speak to him to get a racing tutorial . Now for entering races: To put in just walk up to a booth in the sign up building. The conversation is as folows: Sign up individual: Good day sir (or Ma'am if your a girl), how may I assist you? Your choices: I'd like to enter a race. Nothing Acually. If you choose to go into a race, you'll be placed in a waiting room. When the space has 5 people in it, then the race starts!

To start a 5 race just speak to a man at a booth. However, to begin a one on one race, you have to right click some one ONLY in the sign up building. Then click on the option: obstacle (insert title ) If the challenge is approved the race immediatly starts. Now for the racing itself: In the Race: 5 Race and one-on-one would be the same, except the amount of people. There are 5 lanes to get a 5 race and 2 lanes for ONe on One races, which means you may just stay in your lane to Buy RS gold prevent individuals from folowing different racers!