r Success is Not a Destination, But a Journey - Make Money NOW

Success is Not a Destination, But a Journey - Make Money NOW

Some of you may have seen me say the above many times here at Letsgosocially(LGS) because this is something I firmly believe. I also believe that the only reason why people fail to achieve success is because of their own actions.

If you are too lazy, complacent, or stuck on a one way mentality to achieve success, then you will more than likely fail if what you are doing does not work. Basically, too many people fail because they want success to come quick and/or easy. Guess what people? That is NOT going to happen, even here at Letsgosocially(LGS).


“Necessity is the mother of invention.” I am sure you may have heard of that English proverb before. What that means is, that very difficult and impossible scenarios will bring about inventions to reduce those difficult and impossible scenarios. So where am I going with this message?

Normally, peoples complain about not having money to start a business, or to upgrade to a membership to start a business. I bet most of you spend more than $47 every two weeks just to fill your car up with gas.

I can pretty much guarantee that you can find a way to invest in your business if you just look at where you are spending money. Furthermore, I am sure you are wasting it in areas that you can do without. We ALL have areas we waste money in. The questions are, how much do you want to succeed, and how much are you willing to sacrifice for that success?

If you are not willing to sacrifice any of your wasteful spending, then that means you do not really want to succeed. You cannot be a successful entrepreneur without making sacrifices. However, there are other ways to make enough money in Letsgosocially.com, like commenting, posting, likes and dislikes and earning money through referrals or promoting your business for free  but for you to achieve success here or any other business, we need self-sacrificing spirit and determination or commitment.


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