What Is A SCAM?

Is Letsgosocially- the future of All social media platforms a scam? What is a scam Ponzi Scheme? Find more here.....

A scam is...

  •  A dishonest scheme; a fraud.
  •  Something started to trick people into parting with money with no intention of providing any value
  •  Something that disappears without trace after a short while with all the money received
  •  Not transparent
  •  Here today and gone tomorrow

A scam does not...

  •  Offer refunds
  •  Stick around to receive abuse
  •  Make payments
  •  Invest in the future

  Letesgosocailly has....

  •  Paid out to members every penny received
  •  Offered updates every day to let everyone know what is happening
  •  Provided FREE cash to members who are action takers every day of it's existence
  •  Accepted both praise, with a pinch of salt, and abuse with love and understanding.
  •  Invested heavily in the future and will be here long after everyone who reads this is dead and buried

Letsgosocially is doing what has never been done before by any social media platform. We share 50% of its ad revenue(generated from ads views and clicks)back with our users for using the platform! Every month we take 50% of our advertising revenue, and we offer it back to our users in the form of cash credit points. How  you get your Cash reward points is by your Engagements on our social platform. (Earn Cash Credit Reward Points by Commenting, Posting, Blogging, your reaction to the post Of Other Members.)

Letsgosocially had been existence for about  2  years now, and it takes time to achieve something this grand and noble.

Don't expect miracles overnight, but DO expect miracles if you work really hard!

We are on track, and we WILL succeed in helping banish poverty on a global scale, and will continue to reward members who engage on our platform, unlike others social media platforms that pays nothing to its users.

You must have  patience, courage and faith and you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams!