After that they'll take on the Heat and advance to Eastern

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Eastern Conference predictions are that the 176th round will be the final elimination of NBA2king the Old 8 Wizards. The 5th Eagles will defeat the 4th Nick. The 6th Heat will knock out the 3rd Bucks. The 2nd Nets must first defeat the 7th Celtic.

After that they'll take on the Heat and advance to Eastern. The championship was won by the Sixers defeated the Eagles and won the Eastern Championship. To make it to the Eastern Championship, the Nets defeated the Sixers to win the title game. They also won the championship game over the Lakers. Durant was awarded the FMVP.

Patrick Crossan, Wizards District Gaming's team manager, discusses the NBA 2K League Draft and defense of the title. Wizards District Gaming (DG) had the distinction of having the number 1 pick during the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft to winning the 2020 NBA 2K League Championship. They proved that it's possible to turn your fortunes by winning the draft and picking Jack "JBM", Mascone. It's no surprise that they were the only team of Monumental Sports to win their league's championship.

Patrick Crossan, Team Manager was among the primary creators of this turnaround. Crossan was on Bleav in Wizards this week to talk about the ways they've managed to reach that level of success in addition to their recent changes to the 2021's draft.

Crossan provides a detailed outline of the process used to draft in Buy MT PS4 the league and the lack of free agency. I highly recommend listening to the entire episode. The Wizards DG managed to keep every player on the championship team, minus the small forward "ReeseDaGod."