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We are pleased to welcome you to runescape gold 2007 the recently renovated Dig Site in Varrock, where you'll have to make this decision frequently. This is a crucial part of the skill, which we think you'll love. After every excavation, you'll be sorting through your findings and deciding whether to throw it out or keep it. It is your decision whether you want to donate it and could be a collection of some of your most beloved characters, like Wise Old Man or Bentnoze. Do you want to put it in an art gallery and they'll provide you with chronotes, a new currency that you can exchange for kick-ass rewards? It is possible to keep it for future purposes or donate it to the museum.

Additionally, I believe RS mobile games will differ from other games - both mechanics-wise and due to its fact that it originated online. Although I would assume that online players would enjoy better functionality, my thinking might be too narrow. I cannot see myself taking risks with my equipment to be bossy or playing PVP.

It is also possible to wait 10 seconds to log out, which I find somewhat strange on mobile. Mobile games can be accessed from most phones and you are able to return later. If you're facing a monster, you must wait until it is defeated, then get out of the area of aggro, and then wait for 10 seconds before you quit. This is an inconvenience however it makes PVP use on mobile very different from other games. I'm not certain how new players would react.

Hey! This is it! Because I wanted to talk about Guthix (God of Balance and Nature) I came up with this topic. I would like to know if you can add something. I made this Topic, and I already know Guthix is dead, OR is he really dead?

Now, I'd like to know what I think about Guthix. I think Guthix is Gielinor's only god because he did numerous good things for it. He also made an effort to keep it balanced. I am a fan of balance, and buy RuneScape gold Guthix has been my guide, therefore Guthix isn't gone. My theory came to life.