Happy cake day man

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I honestly feel I'm playing the same damn game however much I love the TINY CHANGES here and there. I wonder how I will feel once the honey moon phase is finished. Ya, you're more appropriate lol. I'm loving a lot of small things, I rather wish to NBA 2K Coins write a"non competitive but highly casual noobs perspective" post or outline once I get more match season in.

I liked the cutscenes past year first moment. Hated them every other time through, but they had been like markers at how far you're in a year. I too am only a Mycareer offline participant. This is 1 point I would have to disagree with my own kind if the popular opinion is that people WANT all the cut scenes, in between everything, additionally 2k21 popped a complete page advert for mobile one only as I read happened on a UFC game they had to apologize .

Every nba game should be like the very first high-school games, only flash of white (and still, why so effin glowing Jesus eff man are you kidding me do they take into consideration modern displays how much light they put out, fffff), nice quick and simple, or make it a friggin choice to turn off trim scenes and effin interviews. I couldn't possibly agree with any participant for any reason this is desired. However I do recall feeling excited about the"immersion" experience when I started with 2k20. However, after I've semi concerned myself with the game and community those last few months, the last response is no cutscenes/interviews, just let's burn the matches, I can not wait until someone way smarter than some of us finds and acts on an intentional physiological abuse clause or something hidden somewhere in law from like the 80's that will need to be rebuilt for modern scenarios, anything, it's legit preying on us once you tie in their in game buying crimes. No seriously, I am wondering how much time it will take until the video game industry starts k I on the doorway of this law. I understand if this seems over dramatic, I'm just making a talking point. Chiiiil.

Little animation to the Jumbotron and the interviews. Additionally the banners that show how close you are from the record. Idk if it was there on 2k19, I just came from 2k15 lol. Yea this article is actually convincing me this year is a far better offline mycareer encounter. Yea this post is actually convincing me that this year is a far better offline mycareer encounter. Yeah they cut out some bullshit this season --no goofy ass draft combine, and I have like 5 sponsors before 200k lovers lol.

It's crazy. Talking of the box leap, has literally anyone obtained the +4? I get 12 as time runs out and you need 13. I swear it's hopeless. It's crazy. I simply do the treadmill, the medicine ball, the strength exercise to the left of the drug ball (what these weights are called has slipped my mind), box leap and agility ladder. Speaking of the box leap, has literally anyone obtained the +4? I get 12 just as time runs out and you need 13. I swear it is hopeless. For leg press on the trick is to fire twin sticks as quickly as possible. Then when the balance begins release one of the pole, this will often make a little alteration. At times the small adjustment doesn't work and you need to Buy 2K MT be more manual with your alterations. (Do the reverse for bench press).